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Access a range of resources related to the Christian Leadership in an Age of Science project. Search by Theological or Scientific index to find something that interests you.

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Human Evolution: A Personal Theological Perspective – Dr Graeme Finlay

Dr Graeme Finlay provides delegates with a personal theological reflection on evolution. He refers to evolution as being an ‘ambiguous context’ depending on whether we are thinking about the the evolution of disease or our...

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Religious Leadership And Science: Challenges And Opportunities In The USA – Professor Celia Deane-Drummond

Celia Deane Drummond looks at creation theories from her perspective as a biologist.

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Bible, History, Now – Professor Tom McLeish

Professor Tom McLeish contextualises cosmology in light of Job – as both an Anglican lay reader and professional physicist.

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Theological Reflections Pt 2. ‘Resurrection: Continuity And Transformation’ – Canon Professor David Wilkinson And...

In this collaborative lecture Canon Professor David Wilkinson discusses the ‘end’ in the context of astronomy and the universe. Revd Tim Wall then leads a discussion of new creation – new heaven and new earth.

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Theological Reflections Pt 1. ‘Origins’ – Canon Professor David Wilkinson

Drawing on some of the key theological questions (such as, the origin of the universe, the extent of the universe and the exploration of the universe) Canon Professor David Wilkinson takes these issues deeper talking...

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Q&A With Revd Professor Jeff Astley

Q&A session with Rev Prof Jeff Astley after his talk on free-will.

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Freed From Responsibility And Judgement? – Revd Professor Jeff Astley

Revd Prof Jeff Astley reflecting on themes of ‘ordinary theology’ and ‘free will’.

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The Death Of The Soul Should Theists Mind? – Revd Professor Jeff Astley

In this talk Revd Prof Jeff Astley discusses the soul – his talk provides an interesting contrast to that of David Wilkinson’s ‘why I don’t believe in the soul’.

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Why I Don’t Believe In The Soul – Canon Professor David Wilkinson

A provocative talk from Canon Professor David Wilkinson on why he does not believe in the soul.

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Energy And The Earth: Fracking And The Church

A panel session from our conference ‘Energy and the Earth: Fracking, Climate change and Stewardship’ (January, 2016) with Professor Bob White, Dr Ruth Valerio and Michael Roberts – chaired by Canon Professor David Wilkinson.

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Geophysics, Faith And The Environment – Professor Bob White

Canon Professor David Wilkinson interviews Professor Bob White on being a Geophysicist and a Christian. Bob reflects on his work as a scientist as another means of exploring God’s creation.

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Geology And The Christian Faith – Michael Roberts

An interview with Michael Roberts on his experiences of being a Geologist with Christian faith. Michael recalls feeling a sense of awe and wonder towards the natural world which he sees as being a reflection...

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The Environment And The Gospel – Dr Ruth Valerio

Dr Ruth Valerio interviewed by Canon Prof David Wilkinson on how she came to be passionate about the environment. Ruth reflects on her studies at university and recalls the crucial moment that she became deeply...