Crossing the Gap

St. Matthew’s Church, Harwell and All Saints’ Church, Chilton

Through our science club we hope to make clear that the popular assumption that the Bible is at odds with scientific reason presents a false dichotomy: in fact, in many ways they complement or, even ‘illuminate’ one another.

HCC_3The benefice of Harwell and Chilton is committed to growing God’s church wider, deeper and closer. Within our benefice lies the Harwell Campus, housing the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, the nuclear licensed site, now being managed and decommissioned by Magnox (formerly ‘Harwell’), Diamond Light Source, the Science and Technologies Facilities Council (STFC UK) and the UK and European Space Agencies along with nearly 200 science orientated companies. Close by is the Milton Science Park, Culham Science Centre, and Oxford University. In the last year in the benefice has seen established a University Technical College (a school for 14-19 year olds that teaches students technical and scientific subjects). Consequently, many in our congregation and wider community have a significant knowledge and background in science.


There were three activities in the Crossing the Gap project:

1) A termly Keynote Speaker Evening

2) A monthly Family Science Club

3) A fortnightly Science Discussion Group


The Keynote Speaker Evenings were landmark events in the life of our church. Our first event took place in November, when Professor John Lennox joined us to give his lecture ‘Cosmic Chemistry: Do Science and God Mix?’. This event was extremely popular, filling the 190 seat capacity of the venue, with a short waiting list. John gave an excellent and amusing overview of the issues that often given rise to conflict between science and faith. The lecture was recorded and has been made accessible online. To date the recording has nearly 4500 views online. See below.

Cosmic Chemistry: Do Science and God mix? – Professor John Lennox

John Lennox came to The Pickavance Lecture Theatre at Rutherford Appleton Lab, Harwell Campus to speak about Science & Faith.