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Access a range of resources related to the Christian Leadership in an Age of Science project. Search by Theological or Scientific index to find something that interests you.

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Death And Dying – Professor Douglas Davies

Douglas Davies unpacks the process of death and dying in the context of identity.

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The Image Of God: What It Means To Be Human – Canon Professor David...

David Wilkinson explores theologically what it means to be human against a backdrop of technology, AI and transhumanism.

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Being Human In A Technological Setting – Professor John Wyatt

John Wyatt talks about why AI and robotics should be at the top of the Christian public theological and ethical agenda.

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Being Human In A Digital World – Andrew Graystone

Andrew Graystone explores the impact that digital culture has on notions of ‘love’ and how digital culture is affecting both the church and society more broadly.

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Being Human In A Cosmic Setting – Canon Professor David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson explores theologically what it means to be human against a backdrop of cosmology and the search for extraterrestrial life.

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Suffering – Professor Karen Kilby

Professor Karen Kilby reflects on the place and status of suffering in Christian thought. Kilby is Bede Professor of Catholic Theology at Durham University.

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Encountering Eternity: God’s Relation To The Complexity Of Time – Professor Tom Greggs

In this lecture Professor Tom Greggs considers the theological issues relating to time and eternity, he assesses the relationship of God to a created reality and analyses the inter-relationship of God’s freedom from and for...

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Historical Attitudes And Responses To Evolution – Professor John Hedley Brooke

Professor John Hedley Brooke, historian of science, presents delegates with a historical account of evolution. His work has been significant to the area of science and religion and he is most well-known for his thesis...

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The Privilege And Pain Of Freedom: Creation And The Theology Of Doing Science –...

Professor Tom McLeish reflects on the themes of chaos and freedom as a theologically interested and committed scientist. On completion of his publication Faith and Wisdom in Science he is often asked ‘does your Christian...

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Current Understandings Of Human Evolution – Dr Graeme Finlay

In his lecture Dr Graeme Finlay (a Cancer Biologist) focuses on a new branch of study which has been comparing genomes of different species. He notes that it is an extraordinarily new development which has...

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Human Evolution: A Personal Theological Perspective – Dr Graeme Finlay

Dr Graeme Finlay provides delegates with a personal theological reflection on evolution. He refers to evolution as being an ‘ambiguous context’ depending on whether we are thinking about the the evolution of disease or our...

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Religious Leadership And Science: Challenges And Opportunities In The USA – Professor Celia Deane-Drummond

Celia Deane Drummond looks at creation theories from her perspective as a biologist.

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Bible, History, Now – Professor Tom McLeish

Professor Tom McLeish contextualises cosmology in light of Job – as both an Anglican lay reader and professional physicist.