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Access a range of resources related to the Christian Leadership in an Age of Science project. Search by Theological or Scientific index to find something that interests you.

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Where Tech And Humanity Meet: Practice And Formation In The Church And Posthumanism –...

Michael Burdett discusses how Christian theology relates to technology and "human enhacement procedures".

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Science And Technology: Biblical And Theological Scene Setting – Professor Tom McLeish & Professor...

Tom McLeish discusses the relevance of Job and wisdom literature to our understanding of nature, David Wilkinson examines theological issues arising from technology.

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What If? Ethical Implications Of Cutting Edge AI And Robotics – Now And In...

A panel discussion chaired by Kathryn Pritchard on the future possibilities of AI.

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In Conversation With Dr Ron Petrick

Ron Petrick discusses his own background working in AI, in conversation with David Wilkinson.

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AI And Ethics: Strange Bedfellows? – Professor Margaret Boden

Margaret Boden unpacks the statement, "there's no such thing as an ethical robot."

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Theological And Ethical Reflections On AI – Professor Robert Song

Robert Song discusses AI and robotics-the science, opportunities and challenges.

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Theological Perspectives Pt. 2 ‘Purpose In Creation & Human Intention’ – Canon Professor Simon...

Simon Oliver explores what we mean by ‘human nature’, Darwin’s theory of evolution and modernity’s dualisms. The talk has both a theological and philosophical framing to it.

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Theological Perspectives Pt. 1 ‘Imago Dei’ – Canon Professor Simon Oliver

Simon Oliver reflects on the Biblical notion that we are made in the image and likeness of God.

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Death And Dying – Professor Douglas Davies

Douglas Davies unpacks the process of death and dying in the context of identity.

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The Image Of God: What It Means To Be Human – Canon Professor David...

David Wilkinson explores theologically what it means to be human against a backdrop of technology, AI and transhumanism.

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Being Human In A Technological Setting – Professor John Wyatt

John Wyatt talks about why AI and robotics should be at the top of the Christian public theological and ethical agenda.

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Being Human In A Digital World – Andrew Graystone

Andrew Graystone explores the impact that digital culture has on notions of ‘love’ and how digital culture is affecting both the church and society more broadly.

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Being Human In A Cosmic Setting – Canon Professor David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson explores theologically what it means to be human against a backdrop of cosmology and the search for extraterrestrial life.