Lesson Plans

Resources for Teaching

These pages contain a range of suggestions for how theology can take science seriously within the context of the Common Awards, for those who are interested in theology, mission and ministry.

They come from a variety of leading voices in the science theology academic world but are earthed in local church ministry.

They can be used as self-contained sessions within themselves or parts of them can be used – not only in specific science theology teaching but across the range of modules in various theological disciplines across the Common Awards.

The lesson plans can also be used in conjunction with our ‘Short Answers to Big Questions’ series.


Teaching Notes

Outline teaching notes for three 30-minute snippets on introducing science into preaching.


Biblical Creation Texts

Outline notes for two sessions on the biblical creation texts.


Teaching on Theology of Science

Outline Notes for a Teaching Block on a Theology of science.


Engaging with Creationist Worldviews in the Classroom and Congregation

Outline Notes for a Teaching Block on Engaging with creationist worldviews in the classroom and congregation.


Teaching Block on Natural Evil in the Light of Science

Outline Notes for a Teaching Block on natural evil in the light of science.


Teaching on the Conflict Thesis

Outline Notes for a Teaching Block on The Conflict Thesis in Science and Religion as an illustration of the range of understanding of science-religion interactions.