‘Energy and the Earth: Fracking, Climate Change and Stewardship’, 4-6 January 2016

Geophysics, faith and the Environment – Professor Bob White

Canon Professor David Wilkinson interviews Professor Bob White on being a Geophysicist and a Christian. Bob reflects on his work as a scientist as another means of exploring God’s creation.

Geology and the Christian Faith – Michael Roberts

An interview with Michael Roberts on his experiences of being a Geologist with Christian faith. Michael recalls feeling a sense of awe and wonder towards the natural world which he sees as being a reflection of God.

The Environment and the Gospel – Dr Ruth Valerio

Dr Ruth Valerio interviewed by Canon Prof David Wilkinson on how she came to be passionate about the environment. Ruth reflects on her studies at university and recalls the crucial moment that she became deeply inspired by the stories of creation and how they link to ecology.

Further Interviews

Leeds Diocesan Conference 2016 – an interview with Professor Brian Cox

Professor Brian Cox on why he agreed to address clergy from the Church of England. He discusses the implications of living in a multiverse and the problem of deriving ‘meaning’ from science.

Leeds Diocesan Conference 2016 – an interview with Canon Professor David Wilkinson

Canon Professor David Wilkinson talks about the importance of science in his own Christian discipleship. He also reflects on the challenge of the Church remaining ‘silent’ on science and giving the illusion that it’s not an important issue. It is here where Wilkinson wishes to encourage clergy to engage with science.

Order, Chaos and Creation – an interview with Professor Tom Mcleish (2015)

Prof Tom McLeish reflects on science and Christianity referring to the book of Job as a place where clear links between the two can be found. He refers to an extract in Job which consists of 135 questions about the natural world. Questions such as: ‘Do you know where light comes from?’ ‘Where does hail come from? ‘Can you explain why the hawk navigates to the south?’ – all of which illustrate one of the most important aspects of science – asking questions. McLeish’s argument can be found in more detail in his book Faith and Wisdom in Science (2014).

Science and Faith – an interview with Professor Sir Arnold Wolfendale (2014)

Prof Sir Arnold Wolfendale, astronomer and Emeritus Professor, recently joined David Wilkinson for a personal interview about science, religion and his personal journey from atheism, through agnosticism, to Christian faith.