Remembering The Rt Revd Dr Karowei Dorgu

The Rt Revd Dr Richard Cheetham

The ECLAS team are saddened to hear of the death of Bishop Karowei, Bishop of Woolwich, on September 8th 2023:

It was a real privilege to have served alongside Bishop Karowei in the final years of my time as Bishop of Kingston in the Diocese of Southwark.  He was unfailingly a generous and supportive colleague.  Despite his health struggles I shall remember and cherish Bishop Karowei’s broad smile, his gracious manner and warmth of heart, all infused with his profound Christian faith.  He had a deep desire to share that faith in every aspect of his life and ministry in a manner which was inspirational.  I know he will be greatly missed, not only by his immediate family who were so dear to him, but by all the people who will have been helped in many ways by his life and ministry over the years.  He held a strong resurrection hope and belief which sustained and inspired him and those around him.

The Rt Revd Dr Richard Cheetham, ECLAS Co-Director for Global Engagement, former Bishop of Kingston



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