Prof Brian Cox in conversation with Canon Prof David Wilkinson

Clergy from across Leeds were invited to Liverpool Hope University to witness Prof Brian Cox and, our very own, Canon Prof David Wilkinson in conversation with each other. Bishop Nick Baines reflected on the event by saying:

“This must be one of the most urgent and important discussions for all clergy who live in today’s media-driven world, finding a way through the ideological, philosophical and ethical debates that rage (sometimes everywhere but in the Church). We will all learn not only about the vital theme but also about how to have such debates intelligently.”

Other speakers at the event included the Dean of Salisbury, the Very Revd June Osborne.

These types of events are great for raising awareness of the importance of science, as well as facilitating dialogue between scientists of all faiths and none.

Below you can find interviews with both scientists:

Prof Brian Cox

Professor Brian Cox on why he agreed to address clergy from the Church of England. He discusses the implications of living in a multiverse and the problem of deriving ‘meaning’ from science.

Canon Prof David Wilkinson

Canon Professor David Wilkinson talks about the importance of science in his own Christian discipleship. He also reflects on the challenge of the Church remaining ‘silent’ on science and giving the illusion that it’s not an important issue. It is here where Wilkinson wishes to encourage clergy to engage with science.