Our New Series Exploring Science-Engaged Theology and Coronavirus

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ECLAS has launched a new seven-part blog series on theological and scientific narrative approaches to coronavirus, titled ‘Making Sense of Coronavirus with Reason and Faith’.

The series is rooted in ECLAS’ original research into religious narratives.

Running from July to August, team members will explore themes of justice and equality, the environment, following the science, and mortality, all through the lens of the coronavirus pandemic.

Explore the series here or choose from the list:

Developing better science and theology narratives about the Covid-19 pandemicby the Rt Revd Dr Richard Cheetham, Bishop of Kingston

Covid discriminates, Christians shouldn’t, by Despina Katsidou

Not-Knowing and the New Not-Normal: Seeking Direction for the Long-Haul, by Revd Dr Kathryn Pritchard

What does the new normal mean for the environment? by Dr Thoko Kamwendo

‘Following the science’: What it actually means, and why we should care, by Dr Franziska Kohlt

Responding to the Virus with Honesty, Humility, and Hope: Lessons from Science and Religion, by Lucas Mix



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Study Guide – The Torah

Study guide for level 5 (2nd year UG) module on the Torah. The module engages with science mainly regarding Genesis 1-11. This module was developed as part of the Science for Seminaries project at Regents Theological...

by Helen Billam
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Pentecostal Theology study guide

An overview of a module developed for level 5 (2nd year UG) students. This module on Pentecostal Theology was redesigned to incorporate dialogue with science into various aspects of the module, as part of Regents Theological...

by Helen Billam
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Testing prayer: Pentecostals, science, and healing – Candy Gunther Brown

A recorded talk for the Institute of Pentecostal Theology’s ‘Signs, Wonder and Miracles’ Conference. The conference took place as part of a Science for Seminaries grant from ECLAS.

by Helen Billam