“One small step” – Lichfield Cathedral, Staffordshire

Lichfield Cathedral will mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landing by transforming the Cathedral’s vast nave floor into a huge visual reproduction of the moon’s surface. ‘One Small Step’ will examine the human instinct to travel, explore and discover, enabling us to reflect on one of the most significant journeys that humanity has ever undertaken. The installation – which will run from July to September– invites visitors to examine the intersection of science and faith in the context of space exploration.

Visitors and worshippers will effectively ‘walk on the moon’ when they come into the Cathedral. This extraordinary visual effect will be available free to the Cathedral’s daily visitors during the school holidays, and while the installation is in place the Cathedral’s services will take place ‘on the moon’ enabling exploration of faith and science through liturgy. The installation will also provide the setting for a series of lectures, events and activities aiming to engage congregation, schools, families and the public with questions around faith and the science of space travel and exploration.