“Genesis for the 21st Century” – Chester Cathedral

Following a successful series of lectures on ‘Science and Faith’ in 2018, we are now planning an event at the Cathedral which will make use of liturgy and choral music to shed fresh light on the Book of Genesis and a scientific view of creation.

Michael Reiss, FRS, prominent bioethicist, educator, journalist and Anglican priest will speak on ‘Science and Religion’. He is Professor of Science Education at the Institute of Education, University College, London.   Philip Moore has been commissioned to compose music to form a setting for the words of “Genesis for the 21stcentury”. This was written by renowned scientist-theologian, Revd Canon Dr Arthur Peacocke, winner of the Templeton Prize in 2001.

We will ask for feedback from those who attend and specifically find out how it affected their understanding of Creation, Science and Religion.