Faith in the Questions Riding Lights Theatre Company

Faith In The Questions - posterFaith in the Questions brings art and science together to grapple with the challenges surrounding belief and scientific enquiry. For many people today this has become a mistrustful and sharply adversarial conversation. Which side is God on? Or is this the wrong question to ask?

Counting The Clouds, a new one-act play by Nigel Forde, casts the biblical figure of Job as a modern day scientist. Job wrestles with the unpredictable structure of the universe, asking if God could possibly be in control?  When Job’s personal world is shaken to the core, how can he reassemble the pieces of the puzzle, both professionally and personally? 

Counting The Clouds is the opening gambit in Faith in the Questions, raising contemporary questions both personal and scientific to inform an evening of lively debate and discussion. Following the play, audience members address their own questions to a panel of leading scientists drawn from a wide spectrum of scientific expertise.

Paul Burbridge, Artistic Director of Riding Lights Theatre Company, said: ‘This is an excellent way to get everyone talking and thinking – high-quality theatre provoking wide-ranging conversation with eminent scientists about questions of christian faith and scientific enquiry.  The theatre gives a lively human context to the debate and you don’t have to be either a student of science or someone of faith to enjoy engaging with these crucial issues.’

Faith in the Questions will tour university towns including London, Manchester and Sheffield from January.

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