Faith at the Frontiers podcast-a new series on science and faith

 Judith Harbinson

ECLAS is pleased to announce a partnership with Faith at the Frontiers podcast, exploring the connections between science and faith. Here, host Dr Barnabas Aspray discusses the series. Dr Aspray is Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at St. Mary’s Seminary and University and was previously at the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford. He is interested in the way religious belief and practice interact with contemporary society. Before studying theology, he read Computer Science at the University of Exeter and worked as a software engineer for the BBC website. 

For hundreds of years, Christian theologians have wrestled with how to understand the findings of science from a Christian perspective. Scientists have also had a range of views on the faith implications of their work. Sometimes they have imagined a conflict between the two and sometimes a mutually enriching harmony. Either way, there is often a gap between what the top scientists and theologians say and what ordinary people on the street tend to think. The real relationship between faith and science is not always the same as the way that relationship is perceived and represented by the media, in schools, and in churches. So how do we bridge that gap?

That question is one of the challenges that the Christian faith must confront in today’s science-permeated society. And confronting challenges to faith is what the podcast Faith at the Frontiers is all about.

That is why ECLAS have partnered with Faith at the Frontiers to put on an exciting podcast series which explores the research of the ECLAS team. Each episode features one or more ECLAS researcher sharing insights and talking about ECLAS’s exciting projects to bring faith and science together at the concrete level of the local church, the local seminary, and the local school.

We will explore the history of the supposed conflict between Christianity and science, the diverse range of perspectives from different cultures and ethnicities, and we will learn about what projects like Science for Seminaries and Scientists in Congregations have uncovered about the potential for retelling the story in a compelling and powerful way. We will even find out what science fiction can reveal to us about our faith to help us see it in fresh ways.

All episodes for this series have now been released and can be accessed via this link on our Resources page.

Faith at the Frontiers’ is a podcast that confronts the toughest challenges to the Christian faith in a hopeful way, by means of conversations with experts from a variety of perspectives. You can access it from SpotifyiTunesGoogle PodcastStitcherRSS, or directly from Anchor where it is hosted.



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