ECLAS is Being Supported By Allchurches Trust

We are delighted to announce that the ECLAS project will be funded by Allchurches Trust!

The new grant will allow Revd Dr Kathryn Pritchard, Research Fellow and Project Coordinator for ECLAS, to continue work with the Church of England’s Mission and Public Affairs team in Westminster on public policy implications of Artificial Intelligence and robotics and other scientific advances.

The project will develop a major piece of research into the impact of church engagement in science and science related public affairs, together with a proposal to integrate science more fully into the curriculum for trainee ministers.

The work will also include more events such as a conference for church leaders on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and a Royal Society conference for principals of theological colleges.

Sir Philip Mawer, Chairman of Allchurches Trust says:

Continuing technological advancement brings challenges, but it also brings opportunity. These are exciting times and it is vital that the church is actively engaged in the debate and equipped to be agile in its response and thinking as public policy is developed

[The rest of this article can be found here at the Church of England’s website and on Allchurches Trust’s website].



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Study Guide – The Torah

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Testing prayer: Pentecostals, science, and healing – Candy Gunther Brown

A recorded talk for the Institute of Pentecostal Theology’s ‘Signs, Wonder and Miracles’ Conference. The conference took place as part of a Science for Seminaries grant from ECLAS.

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