Scientists in Congregations FAQ

Is SiC open to all types of Christian churches? Yes, we welcome applications from Christians of any denomination as well as independent congregations.

Is SiC open for events that do not take place in a traditional church? Yes. While most awards go to churches, events need not take place there. We have worked with theatre groups and other public spaces, but we ask that you begin with an existing scientist-congregation relationship.

Are there any scientific areas we should avoid? No. We have funded projects across a broad range of natural and social sciences, grounded in empirical research. Examples include neuroscience and archaeology, as well as biology, physics, and computer engineering. If you have a particular project in mind and are concerned about the scope, please reach out for a conversation.

Can we submit a proposal from a group of churches? Absolutely. If this is the case, you are able to submit applications including where only one church in the group has a scientist/congregation connection.

What is the time frame for the projects? We aim to announce the award winners in July 2024 and expect projects to begin coming to fruition from this time onwards. Each project scope will be different, but we expect primary activities by to be completed by Summer 2025 and all activities to be completed by the end of 2025.

Can I apply for a grant to continue an existing project? No. SiC awards can only be used for new projects.

Can I apply from another country? Proposals will be welcomed from the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland. We hope to announce parallel programmes for other countries in 2025; keep an eye on this page for further developments.

What if I have an idea, but am not sure of the details? We are happy to work with you and encourage reaching out in early 2024 to talk with us. The more details you can provide and the earlier you make a connection, the better chance you will have of getting an award. Please email for further assistance.

Can I propose an online project? We encourage creative proposals and are open to diverse projects. Online meetings present their own challenges and opportunities. Let us know how you intend to make the most of the format you choose.

What if I am uncertain about dates? We ask for an estimated timeline in the application form but understand the ever-changing challenges. Provide the information you can and, where appropriate, tell us your contingency plans. We ask, if successful in your receipt of an award, that you notify us of any significant changes in timeline.

Can we claim funds for staff time? Each project will be different but yes, this is possible. Buying out staff time is allowed where necessary, however, please note we do not allow staff to be hired for the sole purpose of running this project.

Can we claim for equipment costs? You may claim for equipment which is necessary for the project. As a rule of thumb, we would ask that this does not exceed 10% of your overall budget. Exceptions may be considered in exceptional circumstances and with thorough, pre-proposal discussion.

For further information, please watch this video information session with ECLAS staff discussing what makes a good proposal and previous participants talking about their experience of the programme.