Neuroscience: Body, Mind and Free-Will

Date: 11-13th April 2016
Location: St John’s College, Durham University
Audience: Senior Leaders

Featuring two provocative takes on the existence of the soul from Revd Prof David Wilkinson and Revd Prof Jeff Astley, this conference on neuroscience also explores the limits of free will.


  • The existence of the soul, and what neuroscience can tell us about free will.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Revd Professor Jeff Astley
  • Revd Prof David Wilkinson
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Video Resources

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Why I Don’t Believe In The Soul – Canon Professor David Wilkinson

A provocative talk from Canon Professor David Wilkinson on why he does not believe in the soul.

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The Death Of The Soul Should Theists Mind? – Revd Professor Jeff Astley

In this talk Revd Prof Jeff Astley discusses the soul – his talk provides an interesting contrast to that of David Wilkinson’s ‘why I don’t believe in the soul’.

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Freed From Responsibility And Judgement? – Revd Professor Jeff Astley

Revd Prof Jeff Astley reflecting on themes of ‘ordinary theology’ and ‘free will’.

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Q&A With Revd Professor Jeff Astley

Q&A session with Rev Prof Jeff Astley after his talk on free-will.

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Energy and the Earth: Fracking, Climate Change and Stewardship

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Cosmology: The Beginning, The End and The Vast