Extinction and Biodiversity: Evolution, Action and Hope

Date: 12pm Tuesday 11th – 3pm Wednesday 12th June, 2024
Location: University of Manchester

A conference for senior church leaders (by invitation only).

Join us as we meet world-leading conservation biologists to discuss how we interact with our environment, the roles played by humans and other animals, and their place in creation. Learn about the latest research and gain tools for applying it in preaching, mission, and ministry.


About the Conference

This will be an interactive retreat anchored by talks from leading scientists and ethicists with space for spiritual reflection, informal conversation, and peer-to-peer interactions with other senior leaders.


Prof Susanne Shultz is Professor of Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Biology at University of Manchester. Her research focuses on how species cope with environmental changes, and the evolution of large complex societies. She is the author of numerous publications in this area, and is a Royal Society International Exchanges Committee member.

Dr Bethany Sollereder specialises in theology concerning evolution and the problem of suffering. Her current work is about the theological possibilities and human vocation in the light of irreversible changes in ecological degradation. She is also interested in the intersection between psychology and faith, particularly how different approaches to theology can affect people’s experience of suffering. Dr Sollereder is working on a wider research programme in what she has called “Compassionate Theodicy”.

Prof Peter Scott is the Samuel Ferguson Professor of Applied Theology & Director of the Lincoln Theological Institute at the University of Manchester. His research focuses on what it means to speak of the goodness of God in the ways of the world. He has published extensively in the theology of nature, seeking to develop the doctrine of God in ecological directions.

Revd Professor Charlotte Sleigh is a scholar and practitioner in the science humanities. She has taught at the universities of Cambridge, UCLA, Kent and UCL, where she is presently a professor in the Department of Science and Technology Studies. She is a former president of the British Society for the History of Science, and is currently a self-supporting curate in the parish of St Martin and St Paul, Canterbury. 


Attendance at the conference is free to invited participants, and accommodation and all meals are provided.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Judith Harbinson: eclas.admin@durham.ac.uk

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