Cathedral Isle of Man

Picture14Cathedral Isle of Man is developing a series of 19 gardens around the Cathedral, half of which were opened in the summer which tell a variety of stories from a number of perspectives: Social and religious history of the Isle of Man, display contemporary art, explore health, allow for play and deal with the interface of Christianity and Science.

The areas of sciencific exploration are particularly geology, plants and animals.  The Maughold garden gives an indication of how these stories appear in a single garden.  The garden tells of the arrival of Christianity on the Isle of Man from Ireland in the 5th century.  The garden is a recreated beach showcasing the geology of the Island with rock outcrops indicating the main geological features.  The planting scheme has flora associated with the coast.  The legend of Maughold (which includes the banishing of snakes from the Island), is the opportunity for telling the story of the uniqueness of the fauna on the Island, for example, animals not present like the squirrel and the presence of other animals unique to the Island such as the tailless cat.

Material is being developed for each of these trails for the use of all ages including Key stage 1 and 2 for school groups.