The ECLAS team are committed to being anti-racist, not only in our words but through our actions. We are actively looking at how we can promote diversity and inclusion through our work. This is an ongoing conversation, and a lens through which we will view all the strands of our project.

ECLAS’ Chief Project Investigator Revd Prof David Wilkinson addressed anti-racism and the Black Lives Matter protests in two recent broadcasts on BBC Radio Four’s Thought for the Day:

“Black Lives Matter challenges me that sympathy is not enough. I need to educate myself, and use my gifts and position to bring about change.

“For my Christian faith, being one Christian nation under God is not holding a Bible aloft – it’s opening it, and learning to live the Jesus way; in standing with, rather than against, the oppressed. It’s only then that I can say ‘Amen’.

“Statistics about the number of senior university academics through to deaths in childbirth illustrate the structural inequality impacting black lives here in the UK, bring home to me that this is not the country of my imagination, and question what example we set to the world.”

You can access the recordings here:

1 June

8 June